15 cardio, strength, and mobility workouts to keep you active

John Yeong
Posted by John Yeong on Nov 10, 2020 11:03:13 AM


Missed out on the GetActive! First Light series on Get Active TV that is catered for 40 - 59 year olds? Fret not, here we bring you 15 of the best episodes categorised by strength training, mobility training, and cardio training.

Lower-Body Body Weight Workout for Seniors
Build a strong lower-body with Shannon, Active Health Coach and enjoy your favourite activities such as long walks and hikes with minimum pain.
Upper Body Weighted Exercise for Seniors
When we walk, run or cycle, we often activate our lower body muscles. However, it is also essential to strengthen our upper body to ensure that we can carry out daily activities with ease as we age. Join Fitness Instructor Jen, to work on the big muscle groups and build a stronger upper body!
Resistance Band Upper-Body Workout
Age related muscle loss is a natural part of aging and we will begin to lose our muscle mass every decade. To fight sarcopenia, it is critical to incorporate strength training exercise in our daily routine to slow down the process. Join Active Health Coach, Christabelle, and Bee Suan and Lily from Team Nila to build a stronger upper body using resistance band.
Upper-Body Bodyweight Exercise
Start the new week and build a strong upper body with Joel and Inaayat from ActiveSG. For those who are new to strength training, there are exercise modifications that you can follow and all you need is a towel to build up your muscles!

Upper-Body Weighted Exercise
Join Active Health Coach, Shannon and Team Nila volunteers, Lily Wong and Lily Bok to build up strong upper body with weights. Strength training with push and pull exercises are essential to keep our muscles functioning to prevent injuries and help us to perform our daily tasks at ease.
Mobility Exercise For Seniors
One common cause of morning stiffness could be due to muscle tightness. It is critical to incorporate mobility exercises to stretch and move to improve flexibility, and reduce the chances of injuries. Join Fitness Trainer Jen and Team Nila Doreen and Siew Luan to move better!
Mobility Workout for Seniors

Ageing does not mean that we have to give up on physical activities. Staying active helps us enjoy better quality of life. Join Fitness Trainer Jen in some mobility exercises to improve our flexibility, balance and coordination!
Resistance Band Cardio Workout
Do you enjoy a more challenging workout? Whip out your resistance band and join Fitness Trainer Jen for a cardio workout to give you a stronger and toner lower body! Don't worry, if you don't have one, you can also do the workout without it.
Lower-Body Mobility Exercise
Join Jen, Michelle and Bee Suan for a quick lower body mobility workout, which allows you to increase your range of motion and reduce the risk of muscle tightness.
Mobility workout for seniors
If you are experiencing stiff joints, doing some mobility exercises might help to improve the range of motion and corrects muscular imbalances. Join Douglas, Active Health Coach and Michael and Jenny from Team Nila for a rejuvenating stretching session.


Cardio Exercise for Seniors
Do you usually shy away from a cardio workout thinking that it is too intensive and tiring? Building cardiovascular fitness is essential as it strengthens our hearts and helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Join Fitness Trainer Jen this morning to get our hearts pumping!
Cardio Exercise With Ball
If you think that cardio workout is only for the younger ones, think again. Doreen and Catherine from Team Nila show us age is not a limitation and how important it is to keep moving as we age. Join Jen, Fitness Trainer to get going now!
Cardio workout for seniors
It's never too old to start exercising! if you've never exercised before, or have taken a long break, the key is to start slow with with low impact exercises to prevent injury. Get moving with Fitness Instructor Jen for a fun cardio workout!
Upper body resistance band workout for Seniors
One small little band is all you need to give you a powerful workout using any dumbbell. Join Fitness Trainer Jen for a resistance band workout targeting your upper body. Don't worry if you don't have one, you can also join in the workout without it.

Cardio Exercise to reduce tension from anxiety

Cardio exercise is a great mood booster! It helps to reduce tension associated with anxiety and promote relaxation that will aid in better sleep. Join Fitness Trainer Jen for a quick workout and feel your stress melting away while you get stronger and fitter!

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